Sunday, September 04, 2005

Survey Says: Worst Response Ever

Daily Kos: SUSA tracking poll: Bush still dropping

The Rove Smear Machine is flinging turds on Louisiana as we speak, in a desperate attempt to shift blame onto state officials for the inept Cheney response to Katrina. In just 2 years, the dumb bastards in this country who voted as Jesus would have, suddenly realize the only one talking to Dubya is his old liquor bottles.

"SurveyUSA. Daily tracking poll. 1,200 respondents each day.

Thinking just about the President of the United States ... Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina?

Approve 48
Disapprove 39
Approve 46
Disapprove 44
Approve 40
Disapprove 53
Approve 41
Disapprove 53
Approve 38
Disapprove 55

It took him years to fare this badly in Iraq.

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