Saturday, September 17, 2005

Neocons: "Hey, A War is One Thing; Brown People are Another"

Bush: Rebuilding requires cuts in other programs

"In an apparent fiscal policy shift, President Bush said Friday that his pledge to see the federal government pick up the bulk of the costs of rebuilding New Orleans and the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast would require cuts in other government programs."

Yes, Bush has destroyed Clinton's huge budget surpluses. Yes, Bush and the Republicans have been blowing money like lottery winners on tax cuts for the rich and pirate booty for Halliburton. When the wealthy are the beneficiaries: "Party on, Garth!"

But now we're throwing coin at brown people and suddenly the neocons have grown a pair. This is not coincidence. Republican racism wins elections.

Not that I disagree with fiscal responsibility; it's why I want a Democrat at the helm again. And phony Jeff Flake has it right for once, we should have parceled out the aid in manageable chunks, because the fat, no-bid contracts are only going to make Bush cronies rich.

There is some good that could come of this, however:

"Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., has vowed to oppose any future spending measures that don't feature offsets. Coburn told the Wall Street Journal he's so upset by the lack of discipline that he may also oppose efforts to extend some of Bush's first-term tax cuts, unless the revenue losses are offset by spending reductions -- a stance that raises questions about the prospects for Republican efforts to usher an extension through Congress later this year."

I say could come of this... what Coburn is really saying here is "Give me some talking points; I need to be able to say in my next campaign that we cut funds to welfare queens or the elderly. And none of this veterans' benefits crap you have been cutting!"

So in the end, I expect the estate tax will be repealed, the Katrina victims will remained enslaved to the bankruptcy bill, and all of Bush's reckless tax cuts will become permanent. But Bush will play to the base with a few budget cuts that will hurt the lower middle class as the icing on the crapcake.

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