Sunday, September 11, 2005

Heartless Bastards

Honestly, if you tried to think up the most harmful ways to destroy the U.S. economy, induce further concentration of wealth, to create a fiefdom unseen since the Puritans escaped from Europe; you still couldn't be as creative as Cheney-Rove.

Now they have enabled the transfer of wages, from victims of Katrina and those coming to help to the profit-exploding, embezzling entity known as Halliburton. Honestly, Halliburton hasn't seen this much transfer of wealth from the poor to it's colossal coffers since it dodged paying for the suckers' lungs it poisoned with asbestos when CEO Cheney bought Dresser.

"President George W. Bush has issued an executive order allowing federal contractors working to rebuild areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina to pay lower wages, effectively suspending regulations under the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act requiring contractors to pay workers the minimum of prevailing wages..."

JURIST: President signs executive order suspending wage law in Katrina wake

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