Thursday, September 01, 2005

Elections, Consequences, Tragedy

My blog went black this week.

Writing this blog has the same effects on my health as self-medicating. At times, I do get much needed relief expressing my dismay, anger, and frustration at the way the right and Bush have destroyed this country.

Other times, however, the sheer lunacy and punishment this country must endure under the reign of Dear Leader and his theocons becomes unbearable. The smirking chimp seems so untroubled at the pain he inflicts.

The video streaming out of New Orleans and Biloxi is heartbreaking. Those left behind to face Katrina, for the most part, were the poorest of the poor. When I rage against the calculated destruction of the middle class, I don't even begin to reflect the damage that Reagan and the burning Bushes have wrought on the poor.

You can see the visible discomfort on Haley Barbour's face as he talks about the damage in his state. But just when you think that one of RightWingNuttia's most accomplished hatchet man and smear merchant is finally connecting with the humble citizenry, his face absolutely lights up when he talks about "shoot to kill" and "restoring order."

Sure, looting is wrong. But wingers find it unfortunate that in the face horrific destruction, the people don't just sit down and die. Former KFYI blowhard Goyette is braying endlessly on Air America Phoenix about how awful the looting is.

The unspoken part of this conversation: look at them damn niggers.

I guarantee you, any RightWingNut would fly into a frenzy at that notion, spittle coating their screens, "bullshit! That's not it all!" It is. If Fox only had white faces looting on camera, the wailing would be measured.

All that said, I can hardly muster any fire in my criticism. It's just all so goddam desperate. Hundreds dead, and hundreds to die from the disease to come.

Katrina would have been terrible in any event, but knowing that Bush diverted money from the critical levees protecting the city for his personal little neocon oil war -- it freezes my brain. My teeth clench, my fists tighten, and all I can do I wish the sheep headed to slaughter would wake up.

How many of the residents of New Orleans who escaped unharmed and will rebuild elsewhere with insurance money voted Bush into office; and how many left to die in the swampy cesspool once called New Orleans voted for anybody but Bush.

If I believed in Hell, Bush would be skinned, braised, and ate by Satan's rats; only to be shat out, reassembled, and skinned again. Day after day after day.

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