Friday, August 05, 2005

How Many Wingnuts Does It Take to Read the Original Bible Text?

Pandagon: You would have thought they'd at least put some effort into modifying the Sunday school text

I love reading a comment in a blog post that sums up my feelings exactly, even more than the post that inspired it. Such as this comment from epistemology, responding to a report on a Texas Bible study textbook.

(The report points out one of many flagrant errors in the textbook, when it states that certain monosyllabic words in the Bible were typical of Hebrews. Turns out these words are only monosyllabic in English.)

"Apparently the reviewer, Dr. Mark Chancey is unaware that god dictated the Bible in English, with the dumb Jews translating it into Hebrew and Greek. It wasn't until the King James Bible came out that it was restored to god's original language."

Another poster, Miri Rose, points out that there actually is a group of theocons who consider a specific translation of the original works the "true" word of God. Un-fucking-believable. The only dumber Wingnuts are those who slavishly believe that Jesus was a blonde, blue-eyed white guy.

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