Monday, August 01, 2005

High School Reunions

I've never been to one. Not any official protest or anything, it's just a mix of things: my parents were nomads, I went to three high schools, I moved to Arizona, and my best friends either lost touch or died.

However, somehow I was sent notification about the reunion of the 1985 class. My little sister was in that class, so I happen to know a few of 'em... (uh, yeah, and I also happen to have a couple ex-sweethearts from that class.)

So anyway, I checked out the inevitable online album that resulted and I have to wonder...

  • is it normal I don't recognize a damn one of them except for one ex?
  • is it possible I went to such a lily-white school?
  • is the fake boob thing really a hit with Iowa girls now?

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