Saturday, August 13, 2005

Everyone Knows: Jesus HATED Book-Learnin'

Tampa Cadaver Exhibit May Be Scuttled - Yahoo! News

Lenny, er, Jeb Bush's administration is back in the news. This time shutting down an educational exhibit at a Tamp museum that instructs visitors on the human body.

What is it these neonuts that a body part scares the Jeebus out of them? Did George Sr. show his winky to Shrub and Jed when they were little?

The ethical question is a tougher nut to crack. It pisses me off that just because a Chinese citizen died in poverty, he became eligible for display at an American museum. On the other hand, I would guess that if that person had a choice to make a difference to a few thousand people after death, they might have signed up.

The nontheist in me has no problem with this idea, because the person who lived in this body ceased to exist the day the died. The liberal in me wishes the person was given the choice to sign up.

"A similar human anatomy exhibit called 'Body Worlds' is now showing in the United States and has drawn more than 15 million visitors since its debut in Tokyo in 1996. It has also drawn criticism from medical ethicists, however, and the condemnation of religious groups that claim it violates the sanctity of the human body."

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