Monday, August 08, 2005

Bush Such a Coward He Must Arrest the Mother of Fallen Iraq War Veteran?

Of the Many Deaths in Iraq, One Mother's Loss Becomes a Problem for the President - New York Times

"As the mother of an Army specialist who was killed at age 24 in the Sadr City section of Baghdad on April 4, 2004, Ms. Sheehan's ... has information that most White House reporters have not heard before: how Mr. Bush handles himself when he meets behind closed doors with the families of soldiers killed in Iraq.

The White House has released few details of such sessions, which Mr. Bush holds regularly as he travels the country, but generally portrays them as emotional and an opportunity for the president to share the grief of the families. In Ms. Sheehan's telling, though, Mr. Bush did not know her son's name when she and her family met with him in June 2004 at Fort Lewis. Mr. Bush, she said, acted as if he were at a party and behaved disrespectfully toward her by referring to her as 'Mom' throughout the meeting."

Anybody to surprised to hear that Chimpy celebrates at meetings with the families of dead soldiers? The only death Bush takes hard is the death of a stem cell.

The rumor is that the Cheney administration is going to arrest Sheehan on Thursday for "security" reasons. I can't wait... could he really be that stupid? Unless Bush wants the wheels to come off his lame-duck-dom faster than the Santorum campaign, he best stay away from the grieving mother.

Remember when Bush I was so far removed from the peasants that he had no idea what a barcode scanner was at the local grocery store? How is it that the theocons can't see Bush II is several layers more insulated than that? Just because you put on cowboy boots and rent some cow pies to step in, doesn't make you any more "tuned in" to the common man than the CEO of Tyson chicken.

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