Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Bite Out of the Middle Class Paycheck

Oil Prices Rise to Record $65 a Barrel - Yahoo! News

"Oil prices zoomed higher Wednesday, touching a new high of $65 a barrel in New York, with buyers focused on refinery snags, shrinking U.S. inventories of gasoline and motorists' growing thirst for fuel despite record-high costs. In later Asian trade, the price moved above $65."

Upper class Texans are doin' the two-step this evening, as crude prices climb ever higher. This article claims wonder at that fact the motorists are not "crying uncle" at the pump. What right-wing think tank does he come from?

I looked into the bus system here in Phoenix, crappy as it is, to see how feasible it would be for me to avoid dumping big bucks at the pump. Right now, I consider my time valuable enough to continue driving to work (taking the bus would result in a 2 hour one-way trip, and unless I'm broke, I'm never waking up at 5AM to go to work.)

I pay high gas prices because I have to, if I want to have any semblance of maintaning my quality of life (which ain't easy after the layoff; I make $10/hour less than I did previously.)

This is not the case for the other America. If you serve on a board of directors, you might bitch about paying $50 to fill the Hummer; but it has no impact on your quality of life. Skyrocketing house prices might freeze guys like me into their current home (or prevent thousands in Arizona from ever buying their first one;) but it isn't going to stop the upper class from getting a vacation home.

It's all part of the great Bush Concentration of Wealth Plan, and it's going swimmingly.

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