Friday, July 15, 2005

Why Isn't Wolf Blitzer on FauxNews Where He Belongs?

The RightWingNuttia Echo Chamber is in full effect, blaring a high-volume smear on Joe Wilson and wife for the, oh I don't know, fourth or fifth time. It's a classic Rove tactic, call your AM radio bimbos OxyLimbaugh et. al. and get those talking points out there. A few well placed leaks to the NYT and WaPo; soon the waters are so muddied the slack-jawed public loses interest.

This spin can go on forever, but it can't change the following basic facts:

  • Novak outed Plame and her previous covert efforts to investigate WMDs. Whether it was legal or not, it made the US less safe as future CIA agents and their contacts will factor in this violation of trust, secrecy and safety.

  • Scottie and Rove both personally assured the American public that Karl did not play any part in the leak to reporters. We now know Karl did have conversations with at least 2 reporters. He lied.

  • At least Karl himself, if not others in the White House, participated in a coverup for 2 years. At any time, if this incident really was a simple case of incompetence or idiocy, Rove could have announced that he knew Wilson had a wife who worked for the CIA but had stupidly confirmed it to 2 or more reporters. He could have apologized to Wilson and the American public, and the sheep would have simply gone along with it.

Instead, the White House chose to lie about this incident for 2 years. We have spent thousands on a special prosecuter, who has been building a legal case. Anything short of a firing at the White House should not be tolerated.

Corporate media whores like Wolf "Milquetoast" Blitzer are already getting the Republican talking points into heavy rotation, asking Joe Wilson if he will apologize to Rove if no charges are filed.

Had I been Wilson, my response would have been something like:
"Well, gee, Wolf.. let's say I gave out your home address right now and welcomed any hardened criminals in the area to visit her. If no charges were filed against me, would you apologize?"

Even the damn AP, usually the least offensive of spinners, put out a false story about Wilson; claiming he now says his wife wasn't undercover when she was outed. Folks, the CIA referred the criminal case to the special prosecuter... they know if she was undercover.

Brock's group is doing excellent work in exposing the lies currently being circulated in the corporate media.

AP falsely reported Wilson acknowledged his wife wasn't covert: Media Matters for America

"In a July 15 article reporting new details in the ongoing criminal investigation into the leak of CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity, the Associated Press distorted a remark by former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV to falsely report that Wilson 'acknowledged his wife [Plame] was no longer in an undercover job at the time Novak's column first identified her.' In fact, Wilson merely emphasized that his wife's cover was blown at the moment when columnist Robert D. Novak revealed her identity in a July 2003 column."

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