Thursday, July 14, 2005

Turd Blossoms Are Tenacious

Rove Reportedly Held Phone Talk on C.I.A. Officer - New York Times

"Mr. Bush's White House has been characterized by loyalty and long tenures, but no one has been at Mr. Bush's side in his journey through politics longer than Mr. Rove, who has been his strategist, enforcer, policy guru," [political thug, henchman, smear specialist, and closeted gay basher -ed.] "ambassador to social and religious conservatives and friend since they met in Washington in the early 1970's. People who know Mr. Bush said it was unlikely, if not unthinkable, that he would seek Mr. Rove's departure barring a criminal indictment."

Can the corporate media whores be trusted to remain focused on this story? Rove outed Plame to Cooper, sacrificing all her contacts during previous WMD investigations. All for a cheap smear of Wilson.

He should be fired for that alone. Criminal charges are irrelevant; we are talking about Rove leaking to Cooper. Period.

If the press gives Bush a pass on this (or some wussy bullshit like simply taking Karl's security clearance away,) it will be the biggest fraud executed while Big Media slept since the Iraq WMD debacle.

Jesus Christ, it's come to this. The best we can hope from our media is this: "well, at least no one died from Bush's antics this time. [Shrug.]"

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