Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Schwarzenegger making millions as muscle mag editor - Yahoo! News

To prove my point about "justice" and the rich, I present Ah-nald. What exactly do you suppose American Media's owners are buying with these astronomical sums? Will magazine sales increase because a has-been bodybuilder / semi-retired "actor" is a symbolic editor?

Eh, no. This is payment for policy. Directly buying his ass is illegal, so this ridiculous arrangement was concocted.

Conflict of interest laws are always written with ginormous loopholes. Left to their own devices, legislatures would have no such laws at all. However, they must be written eventually to give the appearance of legitimacy while allowing the wealthy to conduct business as usual.

"In the SEC filing, American Media said it would pay Schwarzenegger's firm Oak Productions one percent of its net print advertising revenues, with a minimum payment of $1 million a year. This is in addition to the $8.15 million over five years. Zakim, a senior vice president, said American Media is also contributing $250,000 a year over five years to the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness."

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