Saturday, July 23, 2005

Roberts' America

Extreme Makeover: Supreme Court Edition

Love this Flash (Hat tip:

You'll notice a lack of posts about Roberts here on Wonderful Lie. It's not that I don't think its important, because it so is.

It's not that I don't think a Roberts appointment won't result in a rollback of personal freedom, strengthening of corporate power, and acceleration of the brown-shirting of our law enforcement agencies. Because it will.

But I'm struck with two emotions. One is pure sadness that the feces Bush has thrown upon this country will not only take an election to clean up, but decades of repair after this theoconservative SCOTUS gets to take judicial activism to heights not seen since Judge Judy.

The other is resigned acceptance of the anal raping that is due me, for living in a country where 51% of those who can be bothered to vote (and of those, the votes we bothered to count;) decided they would rather vote their party or a lying God-talker in office than an intelligent war hero.

At least in 2000, we got screwed by SCOTUS; not the vote. (Yeah, there was plenty of voting shenanigans to go around in 2004... but history will give Cheney a pass on that one. If half the people that knew Bush was a lying simp had voted for Kerry, we wouldn't have needed Ohio to win.)

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