Friday, July 01, 2005

Modern Standards | Censored WWII reporter saw A-bomb 'wasteland'

I found this article fascinating, but I don't post as any kind of statement on our use of nuclear weapons. The debate over that event I leave to the historians.

What I'd like to highlight is this: can you imagine any of the CNN, MSNBC, or FauxNews reporters attempting this kind of reporting? I wonder if Weller suspected his reporting might be censored and got the damn story anyway?

"By hiring a Japanese rowboat, catching trains and later posing as a U.S. Army colonel, Weller, an award-winning reporter for the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, slipped into Nagasaki in early September 1945, Mainichi said, about a month after the Aug. 9 bombing that killed 70,000 people.

In a Sept. 8, 1945, dispatch, Weller wrote of walking through the city -- a 'wasteland of war' -- and finding evidence to back the talk of radiation fallout in American radio news reports.


Weller, who died in 2002, was the first foreign journalist to set foot in the devastated city, which Gen. Douglas MacArthur, head of the U.S. occupation in Japan, had designated off-limits to reporters, the newspaper said."

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