Sunday, July 10, 2005

London Isn't Afraid

Via Eschaton:

Blah3 : What the hell is CNN doing?

"Yes, the program is really titled 'Terror In London.'

They've placed Amanpour in front of the London Bridge, and some Brit newsreader at one of the bombing sites. They're repeating the buzz-phrases that have established the narrative here in the US - 'the worst terrorist attack ever in the UK,' 'the worst day of death in the UK since world War II,' etc."

After the sad news from London, I had one encouraging thought: the Brits will not react the same way we did after 9/11. There won't be a U.K. Patriot Act; Blair won't order a "voluntary" roundup of thousands of British muslims; no detainee legal-limbo camps will be setup in Sealand.

Time will tell, I suppose; but right now, I think the "stiff upper lip" rules the day. Somehow, I don't think Blair or his administration could get away with whipping up fear in the citizenry... they wouldn't be cowed. You'd think "the most powerful country in the world" could achieve the same status.

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