Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Liberals Trying to Save Everyone - Repubs Just Their Own

New York Press: Fortunate Son

Operation Yellow Elephant continues to fall short of goals. Young Republican war supporters continue to find the damnedest roadblocks to joining their favorite war - y'know, things like school.

"'With supreme guts and righteousness, President Bush went into Iraq,' Gov. Pataki told the Republican National Convention last August. The place erupted with applause. It was all very stirring.

Almost one year later, Pataki's son Teddy is, with supreme guts and righteousness, seeking a three-year law school deferment from the Marines, which last week commissioned the recent Yale grad as a second lieutenant.

The governor, who himself received a medical deferment during the Vietnam War because of poor eyesight, has said he hopes his son is granted the deferment. Of course he does. No doubt all the parents of New York's nearly 100 war dead also wish their children could have gotten deferments. But they couldn't. They got killed instead."

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