Thursday, July 21, 2005

Let's Face It: Rove Sucks

America's Big Malignant Tumor: SFGate

Go, read. (Hat tip: Shake's Sister)

"Rove, with his meager education and porcine sheen and this-one's-for-all-the-girls-who-shunned-me-in-high-school revenge demeanor, essentially reinvented American politics, created a new language of hate and fear, rewrote the GOP rule book to include the notion that actual facts don't matter and a politician can get away with absolutely anything if the denials are orchestrated just right and if the accusers are immediately counterattacked and mistakes are admitted absolutely never.

And perhaps most deviously, Rove handed the GOP the double-edged prize of the spiteful Christian right; he galvanized an entire throng of terrified Christians and hard-core homophobic evangelicals from the flyover states to get out there and vote lest those icky liberal gay people swoop in and eat their babies and steal their sons and have sex with their pastors and tastefully redesign their kitchens.

Here's the bottom line: Scandal notwithstanding, Rove's nastiest and most valuable work for this lame-duck president is now complete. And Bush is flopping all over the place: Social Security reform is a disaster and Iraq is an appalling catastrophe and the economy is running on fumes and this nation is an international punch line and Bush's poll ratings are sinking faster than Jenna Bush can slam down a Bud Light. All things over which even Rove himself has little control."

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