Thursday, June 23, 2005

World's Going to Hell

I leave for a few days, and all hell's breaking loose. I'm spending a night in Amarillo on the way home. Just have enough time to do a quick check of my favorite blogs...

so Rove said liberals want our soldiers to die? And I thought I was in a rage when I heard about Jeb's idiotic statements recently. Words have completely escaped me. Here's a news flash for y'all: during my trip through the Heartland, I haven't heard a word about it. Funny that; RightWingNuttia AM radio monopoly has been yapping non-stop about Durbin, however.

Heard on the radio the Supremes have ruled that private property can be taken by eminent domain for other private developments. I saw Atrios looking at the positive side of this; I don't get it. Of course, I live in Mesa with the famous "level the brake shop so our connected TruValue franchisee can build another one" case.

The local stations in Des Moines are all showing video a bunch of future serial killing teens made; a possum snuff film. Yeah, they trapped one, squirted it with lighter fluid, and watched it burn to death.

Christ... all the fun I had on Memory Lane just went out the window.

I'll be listening to sports stations on the drive in tomorrow. I hear Phoenix is roasting.

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