Thursday, June 16, 2005

What Amanda Said - just poppin' and bloggin'

Nothing I can add...

"'Random thought on another class difference'

All social classes get some kind of government assistance, but our experiences are different.

If you're poor, government assistance has all sorts of stipulations--you can't make money but you have to have a job. You're told to get married but if they find that you have a boyfriend staying over, they revoke your benefits. You wait in long lines and you get judged mercilessly.

If you're middle class and you want an FHA loan to pay for your house or federal financial aid to pay for college, you fill out a simple application and it gets rubber-stamped through. You may have to divulge private information, but certainly nothing about your sex life or anything like that.

If you're wealthy and you want government subsidies to boost your business and make you even richer, you negotiate it directly with politicians over drinks, food, music and various other entertainments. You don't have to divulge shit, not even to the public at large who is paying for you. In fact, you may even get Dick Cheney protecting your ass all the way to the Supreme Court.

Just a thought."

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