Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rummy Delivers on Last Week's Talking Points

U.S. says Iraqis may fight rebels for years - Yahoo! News

Last week Condi was braying about a "success strategy" everywhere you looked. Of course, no one in the corporate media challenged her. Hell, it's a wonder that CNN hasn't started taking about a "success strategy" amongst its moronic talking heads.

Of course, the Rove Squad is afraid of "exit strategy" and all the negative comparisons it invites with Vietnam. This new Orwellian term can mean anything the White House says it means:

"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Sunday that American forces would not defeat Iraq's rebels but would make way for Iraqis to put down an insurgency that could go on for a decade or more."

So that's it, eh? At some point, when either the 2006 elections are all wrapped up or Bush's polling numbers are so appallingly low they fear loss of their base, Bush will declare "We won!" and bring the troops home. It's all in the timing now.

And those who will be killed and maimed between then and now? Rest assured, it's all those goddamn liberals and Billary Clinton's fault.

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