Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Neighbor Net

Coming at you live from east side Des Moines, piggybacking off of someone's wireless internet. Man, I really love this town. While I'll probably never move back to Iowa, I'm remembering all the reasons my parents never left.

Probably most amazing to me has been visiting all the homes I grew up in and seeing trees towering so high and so dense that it takes a moment or two to realize this really was my old house.

Here's my political contribution:

Living in Arizona, which so extremely conservative, I've come to remember Iowa as being almost liberal in comparison. Probably a fallacy induced by time away from home (except for Iowa City, Iowa.)

For example, Arizona has all kinds of cop-killings where the officer is found innocent, if he is brought up on charges at all. Apparently, it is the same here in Iowa, at least if the suspect is black (or so I assume, the article didn't really say.)

Check out this video of a cop execution. Cop was just found innocent by a jury of his peers, which I expect means white.


By the way, the Des Moines Register used to be one of the most respected papers in the nation. It's been Gannetized; in other words, it sucks.

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