Monday, June 13, 2005

Fashionably Late

Republican lawmakers urge shift in Iraq plans - Yahoo! News

So Republicans are beginning to bolt from Bush's Iraq disaster. Funny how 2006 elections might do what 2 years of dying soldiers couldn't, and that's to get these assholes to admit the war was a big mistake, did not make us safer, and was started on nothing but lies and propaganda.

So Jones is sorry about that whole "freedom fries" bullshit, eh? Well, I'm glad to hear his heart aches for boys and girls dying in Iraq, because their blood is on his hands.

And Mr. and Mrs. Values Voter? Proud red staters? I see y'all are jumping ship as well. Well, we can't change the damage you've done to this country, but welcome to the club. Please, please, remember this as you watch your FauxNews and generate the bile and acid in your stomach while hating gays, blacks, and non-Christocrats.

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