Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another Perspective on the Deal to Break the Nuclear Option

The Next Hurrah: Nuclear Option: It's Up To Us to Help Define the Victory

I'm trying really hard to see the positive in this deal, but I still don't grok it. DHinMI lays out his case for victory.

"So remember, this isn't a complete victory. But considering that the Democrats just managed to perserve the filibuster, block two extremist nominees from being appointed, divide the Republican-led Senate from the White House, and destroy the Presidential aspirations of Bill Frist, it's enough of a victory for me, and it should be enough of a victory for you too."

The filibuster is preserved. Yes it is, up until the moment the Dems use it again. Maybe I'm so used to a White House filled to the brim with liars that I can't see clearly anymore, but I fully expect this agreement to be showcased front-and-center by the corporate media when Rove picks the next Supreme Court nominee. Little mention will be made of the nominee's politics or lack of qualifications. FauxNews will probably call for the Dem moderates to be imprisoned for fraud. The spin will be that Dems promised no more filibusters, because the litmus test of "extraordinary circumstance" will never be deemed as met.

Two extremists were blocked. And three will be appointed. That's a win?

A Senate-White House divide? Hardly. Bush and Rove love hardball. The dirtier the politics, the more they thrive. Bush is an expert at smearing McCain; this agreement just gives him more ammo. Sure.. perhaps in some small way, Rove will think twice about his most radical ideas before ordering the Senate to carry them out. But the core agenda; corporate welfare, coddling of the wealthy, rollback of environmental laws, elimination of church-state separation... these will not be opposed in any way.

Frist toast as Presidential nominee. My first thought also was that any deal would be fatal to Frist, as Dobson would officially remove his personal Messiah label. But perhaps not:

Dobson: "We are grateful to Majority Leader Frist for courageously fighting to defend the vital principle of basic fairness. That principle has now gone down to defeat. We share the disappointment, outrage and sense of abandonment felt by millions of conservative Americans who helped put Republicans in power last November. I am certain that these voters will remember both Democrats and Republicans who betrayed their trust."

Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like Dobson is specifically targeting the dealmakers and giving Frist a love-slap. "Okay, bitch, now you're entitled to one mistake. But do this again, and I'll put you right back out on the street."

And so what if Frist does go down in flames for 2008. Is there any sign that non-theocon ass-kisser will come forward from the Republicans? McCain spent 2004 sucking Bush dick to position himself for a run, but it sure looks like this deal knocks his ass out of the running. He's center-right only in a party that has allowed itself to be whored out to the fascists and fundamentalists. If Frist is replaced, it'll be a carbon copy.

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