Monday, March 14, 2005

Social Security Honesty

Holy crap. This is the first instance I think I've ever seen in the mainstream media that correctly describes the problem facing Social Security.

There's hope... given months and months of repeated corrections of the lies perpetrated by the Bush administration and spread through the corporate media, thousands of bloggers and Air America can finally get the truth out.

Jesus, are we that stupid as a public? Is that media that beholden to corporatism and the Republicans?

Poll: Support sinks for Bush Social Security plan

"The Social Security trustees estimate that the entitlement program, which currently runs a surplus, will see outlays exceed revenues beginning in 2018. That will force the program to redeem special-issue Treasury bonds held in its trust fund in order to maintain future promised benefits.

The trustees estimate the trust fund will be exhausted in 2042, forcing an across-the-board, 27 percent cut in future benefit levels to bring the program back into balance. The Congressional Budget Office, using different economic assumptions, estimates the trust fund would be exhausted in 2052."

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