Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Bush Economic Stupidity

I wonder how Taiwan feels about the growing influence of China across the globe, not only in the Caribbean as this article examines. The U.S. calls Taiwan an ally, but corporatism overrules policy in this administration.

If China invaded Taiwan today, I'd put an American military response at less than 50/50. Being a U.S. ally doesn't come with the rewards it used to.

Corporate America, and Wal-mart in particular, are whores for China. We've sold out our workforce, and we've hooked our people on slave/child/cheap labor produced products. And for what?

Joe Six Pack was promised that having a market of billions of Chinese would quickly bring about thousands of new jobs for the U.S. Thanks to the Republican noise machine, no one in the media bothered to ask how we were suppose to sell our products to billions of poor Chinese.

So we ignored political killings and imprisonment, the lack of freedom, abd state torture (Hell, wedo it now); and the result is the destruction of the manufacturing sector of our economy and all the middle class jobs that go along with it.

But corporate "heads of state" don't care; while wage depression hurts the vast majority of Americans, it helps the wealthy - and wealth is worshipped by this administration above all else.

So I'm sure Taiwan feels betrayed that we continue to assist China with its continued ascension to world economic powerhouse at the cost of the Taiwanese economy; but the United States itself will pay a heavier price as we redistribute our middle class economy to the rich.

Yahoo! News - U.S. Watches As China Woos Caribbean: "For decades China and Taiwan used dollar diplomacy to win over small Caribbean nations where small projects building roads, bridges, wells and fisheries go a long way."

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