Monday, February 28, 2005

Hysterical Right are Experts at Being Victims

Yahoo! News - Summers' Remarks Supported by Some Experts

I was checking out yet another story about the Harvard president's statement about women on the whole being intellectually deficient to achieve careers in math and science.

What struck me was this particular passage:

'"I think it's an outrage that certain questions — that real, important questions — can't be raised in an academic atmosphere, that research that's well-known can't be presented without some sort of hysterical response," says Linda S. Gottfredson, a psychologist at the University of Delaware.'

The "liberal media" has stuck this quote in the middle of the article with no balance of such an inflammatory view. One is supposed to get the impression there's a war on free speech at college campuses, just like the right so desperately wants you to believe.

So, obviously, this high-strung "outraged" professor must be unable to promote her right wing views at U of D, no? Well, check out her website and these choice editorials:

"Race in the U.S.A.: We've come a long way, baby?"
"Racially gerrymandered police tests."
"Mainstream science on intelligence."
"Clinton's new form of race-norming."
"When job-testing 'fairness' is nothing but a quota."

and all submitted to the WSJ or Washington Times, of course. I'm sure she wouldn't lower herself to read anything but right-wing, Moonie-owned papers.

Reading through her work, we see the typical sky-is-falling vitriol about how blacks are so privileged and whites are getting the shaft. I don't see anything in her resume showing she's been hindered with such idiotic views. I can not imagine what has happened in her past to lead to a career trying to get back at those uppity blacks, but whatever the cause, she hasn't been stymied in any visible way.

Sorry, Linda, your outrage should be saved for another day. Hysterical rants about how your views are met with hysterical rants simply casts you as yet another poor, victimized right-winger looking for support over some imagined incident where you were shat upon. It's pathetic, and the right has mastered it.

Update: Couldn't help myself - read some more of her papers and found she's a huge fan of Arthur Jensen, he of "blacks are dumber than whites" fame. Arthur Jensen is funded (among other sources) by the Pioneer Fund. More than a few Bush true-believer Texans probably count themselves as Pioneer Fund fans, I'll bet.

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