Monday, January 03, 2005

The Myth About Values

By now, all pretense about Republicans having the market cornered on moral values should be destroyed. Bush showed his true "religion" in his automatic first response to the tsunami crisis; which was to continue vacationing. Only after being shamed in public did he meekly express any kind of concern and dribbled out aid.

The arrogance of such a man to claim superior righteousness is staggering. The hypocrisy of his followers to claim God put him there is heresy.

And the House Republicans gleefully changing the rules to allow DeLay to retain his leadership under indictment... the true color of their values comes through.

It is green, and it is all about the money.

I understand senior Republican leadership pressured "the Hammer" to reverse course over the huge amount of terrible publicity this has all generated, and he has personally recommended the undoing of such king-making. Bravo.

The reason is simple: they have a hard time maintaining their iron grip over their self-defined "moral issues" (gay bashing, wealth coddling) while their leadership is so openly corrupt.

But make no mistake about it Mr. and Mrs. Moral Values voter; the price of legal discrimination against gays is whoring yourself out to the elite Republican spin machine.

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