Thursday, December 30, 2004

Zogby Reports Fundamentalism not Limited to Middle East

It's a bit of shock to hear confirmation from one of America's respected pollsters that they are seeing the same growth in fundamentalism that corporate media is reporting. While I've credited it with re-electing Bush, I was kind of hoping I was wrong.

Saw the Zogby brothers on Charlie Rose, and they reported a spike in fundamentalism in the US. They provide a definiton which I completely agree with:

When it comes to religion, there is faith and there is fundamentalism. Those who have faith, have a set of beliefs versus the reality of the world and they have "faith" that the gap between the two is the truth. That is, there is no hard evidence or facts that what they believe is truth, but they have faith that it is true.

Fundamentalists deal with the same gap by denying reality, fact, or any notion that any gap even exists. Faith is replaced with unwavering, unquestioning belief that they have the real truth and any contradiction is wrong and/or evil.

This is what we've come down to, and this perfectly explains how 8 million sheep could unquestioningly re-elect Bush despite knowing he will make things worse for this country. If he claims to belong to the club, it doesn't matter what tragedy befalls the country. Better destruction of the US than an "infidel" gaining the White House.

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