Saturday, November 20, 2004

They Still Don't Get It

Interesting that the party of "moral values," as a first action after the election, change an 11 year old rule in the House to allow Tom Delay to continue to be leader when he's indicted by a grand jury.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Conservative Voter.

And please pay attention to the Sunni triangle after the "victory" we have scored in Falluja (which the press once again parrots without question.) Is the public fooled by the corporate media monopoly? Is this administration so fucking stupid, they believe the insurgency is "disheartened"? (I believe the Bushies certainly know this means nothing, but they love the good press.)

Bin Laden must be wetting his panties. The images on CNN showing tanks rolling through town, an American soldier killing a wounded prisoner; such images are certain to remind Arabic Muslims of another war without end in the Middle East: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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