Wednesday, November 03, 2004

4 More Years of Darkness

Well, Dr. Evil and mini-Chimpy have another 4 years to run this country into the ground.

On MyYahoo page, it is fitting that the following stories are displayed one after the other:

Yahoo! News - Bush Win Seen As Boon to Many Industries

Yahoo! News - Five Execs Convicted in Enron Barge Case

Now, some will say I'm missing an obvious point: "Hey, it says convicted. The corporate scum is going to prison." I hope they are correct.

My guess is, we'll be seeing more of the third story:

Yahoo! News - Dow Ends Up 101 on President Bush Victory

I see Bush has already announced his agenda, while shamelessly claming he'll try to unite us (just like the last 4 years), consisting of more tax cuts for the rich and more war. Yippee.

Analysts say Bush has created a whole new strategy: govern from the right, forget about wide appeal or a centrist approach. Seeing this strategy win Bush the White House is scary shit.

As wealth concentration continues, more middle-class disintegration, the growing chasm between the filthy rich and everyone else: and dumb-ass rednecks, as their jobs get shipped overseas and their taxes pay for the vacation homes of Gates and Buffett, can't wait to run to the polls and vote for Republicans.

Supposedly, the surveys say Hispanic are going Republican more and more because they are "born again" and "values" mean more to them then economic policies. If so, they deserve the same fate as dumb-ass rednecks.

As depressed as I am to see this country grow into the kingdom from which it originally fled, it is somewhat amusing to think of the NASCAR dads voting for Bush while thinking "take that FAGS! You'll never get married on MY watch!" And Hispanics thinking, "I must vote for Bush, we need GOD in the White House."

All while Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush cackle with glee while clubbing with the uber-wealthy. The deficit grows deeper and more insurmountable by the day, and Mr. NASCAR's kids will have to pay for it. Cheney glowers from a podium, spewing hatred and fear and militarism; while Hispanic boys and girls die in Iraq.

Well, amusing is the wrong word.

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