Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate Thoughts

Caught the last two-thirds of the debate on the radio driving home and a bit on the tube when I made it there. As far as Kerry goes:


in my opinion.

And how scary will it be, that with the majority of people of the United States agreeing the country is on the wrong track, think Kerry can better handle the economy and all domestic issues, a tie or favor Kerry on Iraq...

a President that lost the popular vote, and won the presidency through a majority of Republican appointed Supremes...

how scary that such a cardboard leader is probably going to be re-elected.

I won't even care about the vote stealing going on in Ohio right now (200,000 more Democrats turned in voter registration cards than Republicans, so the Republican secretary of state is invalidating them as violating an obsolete law regarding the paper stock they're printed on.) I won't even care about the repeat of voter abuses in Florida going on right now (this year's list of "ineligible" voters again illegally strips a majority of African Americans of the right to vote.)

I won't care.

If this American public believes what it tells the pollsters, it knows that Bush is destroying what's left of the American dream. If we are such cowards that we will vote for such an obvious power-grabbing little wannabe Cowboy, because we think it's safer to send our boys off to die fighting an optional war... and the Patriot Act is a great idea, because if we give up our rights, certainly MY government will only target Muslims and Arabs with its new super-Constitutional powers...

if this is what America is made of, we deserve no better than George W. Bush.

And that, my friends, is a terrible thing to say about any country.

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