Saturday, October 16, 2004

Balls of Steel

It's fascinating to watch the Republican spinners at work. How did they get so good at it? Dems seem amateurish by comparison...

I know some of it comes from shamelessness. Take the Lynn Cheney "anger" at Kerry mentioning her daughter didn't choose to be a lesbian.

The unwavering ability to act pissed at that comment, in the face of Dick's President telling him his daughter is a dirty sinner whom isn't worthy of marriage -- now that is some Royal Spin, folks.

Bush may be a whore to wealth and power; but Cheney is just plain evil. Cheney is one man who knows no boundaries, no lines that can't be crossed, and no backs that can't be stabbed. One almost has to admire such cold, lethal disregard for principle;

if it wasn't such a filthy sight to behold.

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