Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bush hides the ball - again

Yahoo! News - Rumsfeld Issued Order to Hide Iraq Detainee -Report

Sigh. Everything the Bush administration denied was happening is proving true. How could we or they be shocked at this outcome?

In a way, these events are making me angrier at Democrats than the neocons. Is anyone really surprised to hear that Ashcroft refuses to turn over memos in violation of the Constitution? That Rummy is "ghosting" prisoners to hide them from the ICRC? Those that are surprised are likely the same contingent that felt Clinton's blow job deserved impeachment and Reagan's arms for hostages (and illegal contra funding) did not. It's that type of tortured logic that leads one to believe giving the executive branch free reign won't tempt them to bypass unpleasantries like international law.

But the Dems gave these guys a free pass, didn't they? The left let Bush steamroll them, fearing an angry America would confuse opposition to the Iraq war with appeasement of bin Laden (a stupid perception.) Granted, in my neck of the woods, a vote against war authorization or the PATRIOT act appeared to be a fast track to early retirement. Right about now, though, you can bet a lot of moderates wish they would have opposed the war all along.

Is it too much to ask for a majority of Dems to stand on principle? The right loves to eviscerate guys like Ted Kennedy for sticking his thumb in Bush's eye, but God bless him -- at least he isn't holding Rove's dick while he pisses on the truth.

Pardon me.

I'm just so sick of it. The neocons hyperventilated during the Clinton years, because Bill and Hillary didn't share their "values." But now we see what they have in mind for us: voluntary war, revisionist history and the destruction of the middle class. I'll post another time about my perception of how the Republican elite plan on creating a modern feudal system.

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