Thursday, March 03, 2005

O'Reilly: Too Stupid to be a Fox News Tool

I guess the vapid right thinks O'Reilly is the new Morton Downey Jr. It's one thing to cheer a freak show like Jerry Springer, say, because the total idiocy of the presentation makes one laugh (I'm told, personally I've never felt any more appeal in such shows than images.)

Apparently, millions of right-wing goose-steppers are proud to have O'Reilly carrying their water. A guy who blows circuits on fact-checkers, who has to be the most insecure bastard on the planet (screams at anyone who confronts him when he lies, lies on air about his birthplace and lack of military experience,) and sexually harassed his employees.

I guess if there are people who can believe the WWF is real, they can believe O'Reilly is some kind of borderline pundit. And Bush doesn't exploit Christianity.

O'Reilly attacked wasteful spending in Californ ... [Media Matters for America]

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